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Ready for Summer

We finally have had some sunshine and warm days. Maybe summer is here to stay. I hope so. I'm ready for barbecue and ice cream and playing in the sprinkler. Do you have big plans for Memorial Day weekend? Here are some ideas to get ready for your next summer get-together.

The first step was to grab the hose and give the porch a good spring-cleaning. Goodbye, winter-dirt! Then with the addition of a new rug and some potted plants, things were looking better already.

Set a simple table for the adults. A fan from a daylily made the perfect fresh and free napkin ring. Old baby food jars are just the right size for little votive candles, and if they're various sizes it makes it even more fun. Kids will love the chance to picnic on the lawn. So stretch out a blanket or two and serve up their hot dogs on some plastic or paper plates.

At a barbecue it's great to have easy access to all you need. So this amazing tiered stand, seen in the corner, is the perfect piece to serve your guests. Have glasses, straws and iced beverages ready to go when guests arrive. Little chalkboard labeled glasses make it easy for kids and adults alike to find their drink.

When dinner is ready, it's great to have all the condiments, napkins, forks, and knives at arm's length. Kids will love the ability to reach the ketchup and mustard to dress their own hot dog. And of course, the fun kid napkins are also easy to snag.

And don't forget to prepare to be outdoors. If the kids are in the sprinkler, place some towels out for them to dry off when it's time to eat. And there's also a place for sunscreen and bugspray.

After dinner, clear some room for the ice cream. Everyone can serve themselves, including chocolate syrup and sprinkles!

After dinner, the candlelight and some string lights will provide a lovely ambience to enjoy the sunset and the onset of the first summer nights. Just don't forget that mosquito spray!

We hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend. Join us in giving thanks to all who have served our country! What are your plans? How will you celebrate?


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