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Simple Summer Flower Pots

I've never been great at growing things. I probably never will be either, because I'm just not willing to devote the time and effort to it. I'm okay with that. But I do like to have a pretty house and I like to embrace each season in my decor. My kids especially enjoy doing the new things that each season brings. So, in that spirit, I wanted to do some simple summer flower pots.
Everyone who knows me also knows that I love neutrals. To me, too much color = chaos! So I knew I wanted a color scheme for my flowers and I wanted to keep it simple with just a few varieties. That was probably the hardest part, because there are so many flowers I love!

I got lucky when we moved to our house because there were already two beautiful peony bushes (my FAVORITE flower!) and they grow amazingly well without me doing a thing! I think my helpful hubby has made sure the sprinklers water them.

I also love hydrangea and lilac, and zinnias, and ranunculus...

I could go on, but let's just say I really REALLY love fresh flowers. Most of my favorites aren't potting plants, however, and I haven't ever done flower pots that I've really loved the end result. I think too many varieties and colors was my problem.

This time, I started with white. I LOVE white. It's so clean and bright. I thought about ranunculus, but in the end I purchased white gardenias from a Greeley Rotary Club fundraiser. I love local just as much as I love white! (Love where you live!)

We had a bunch of chilly Colorado weather this spring, and my gardenias started to get a bit wilted sitting in my garage. Time to plant! The sweet potato vine provided a striking dark contrast and I knew from seeing similar sweet potato vines in Hilary's flower pots that they would grow and drape beautifully. My third choice was Alyssum, another one of my favorites. I love the dainty white flowers and the sweet smell. I pictured our family and our guests noticing their scent as we walked up the path to the front porch.

I chose classic terra cotta pots mostly because my mom had some extra ones, so they were free and again, simple.

Before I planted, I put rocks in the bottom of each pot as recommended by my mother. I think it provides drainage and saves dirt. I find that even though my mom and I have pretty different styles, I get a lot of my eye for decor from her. She's usually my go-to for helpful how-to's as well!

Next, I gently separated the roots of my sweet potato vine into thirds. The rest was pretty easy, i just loosened the roots, dumped them in the pots, and filled in with dirt. Like I said, I'm no master gardener!

Of course, pots look best after they've had a chance to grow and fill in a bit. (Don't mind my neighbor's truck in the background!) My daughter waters the pots as much as I do, so between the two of us they are still alive!

I'm pretty happy with my no-skill-required, summer-embracing, project. As I like to say, "Check! We're doing the things! Summer fun!"

I'd love to hear about your summer fun and any easy planting tips you've got to share!

Happy summering,